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  • The Ombré Powder technique is created by depositing layers of tiny dots of pigment with a machine into the skin, creating a powder like look on the brows.
  • Soft faded fronts gradually building to a darker defined tail, the “ombré” look.
  • This technique is 100% customisable and buildable. Eyebrow shapes are customised to each client’s face shape/ structure and also personal preference.
  • Density of colour is buildable to client’s desire, meaning the results can look soft and natural or dark and defined.

Soft and Natural – Lightly powdered filled brows, tint like.
Dark and Defined – Make-up like filled brows.

This technique is suitable for all skin types and is a must technique for clients with oily skin and clients with little to no hair.

  • Service time: 1-3 hours
  • Pain: minimal to non Topical numbing cream is used during service to assure maximum comfort.
  • Heal time: takes 1-2 weeks.

Ombre brows will heal 40%-50% lighter than they appear when freshly tattooed. At 4-8 weeks your brows will be fully healed. If you’d prefer darker, bolder brows we can always add more color or dimension during your follow-up appointment!

*This price includes the initial appointment and a complimentary 6 to 8 week touch up:


Existing Clients Only

*Term and Conditions apply. All prices are subject to change*


• A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to place a booking. The deposit will be credited towards your scheduled service. All deposits are non-refundable.

• In the event you would like to reschedule your appointment, it must be made 48 hours prior to your appointment date. Only one rescheduling is allowed. Failure to provide more than 48 hours notice will result in forfeiture of your deposit. An additional deposit will be required for a new booking. Please DM @coco.bankstown or text 0410 445 678.

• Any client arriving more than 20 mins late may result in having to have the appointment rescheduled and the deposit forfeited. An additional deposit will need to be placed for the rescheduled appointment.

• Due to safety reasons and to limit any distractions, please no quests/ children/ or pets allowed in the studio. Exceptions for clients who need a translator and clients who have disabilities.

• If you’ve had any previous work done by another artist please send clear pictures of brows before booking via @coco.bankstown or text 0410 445 678.

• Some previous work may be subjected to an extra charge of $50-$100 if major colour correction is needed.

• If you come to your appointment with previous work done on your brows (old microblading/old tattoo) without notifying us first, you will be sent home and your deposit will beforfeited.

• Correction work requires more time than the usual appointment time and sometimes its not coverable so please be mindful before booking.

• Please be sure you have read the health clearance list below prior to booking and none on the list applies to you. If you are unsure, please contact us beforehand.


• You can not receive permanent make-up services if an of the below applies to vou:
• If you are sick (cold, flu or fever)
• Persons under the age of 18 (even with parental consent)
• Pregnant or breastfeeding
• Diabetic
• Undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy
• Skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema, and/or undiagnosed rashes, blisters, blemishes, acne, sunburn, etc. on the area to be treated
• If you are on blood thinners or have a bleeding disorder
• Viral infections, transmittable blood conditions (e.g. HIV or Hepatitis)
• Individual with a pacemaker or major heart problems
• If you are iron deficient or anaemic
• Have used Roaccutane in the last 12 months.
• Taking steroid medication
• Had laser treatments, glycolic peels, chemical peels around the treatment area within the past 4 weeks

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