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Cosmetic Tattoo Aftercare Serum (Pack 5pcs)


① Quick Healing – Quick healing and retain moisture, keep the tattoo intact. Also can prevent scar, reduce inflammation, repair damaged skin, improve the color of tattoo.
② Portable & Suitable – Our gold foil repair essence with portable size, convenient to storage. Suitable for tattoo artist, beauty salon, makeup artist, etc.
③ Safe to Use – This moisturizing microblading tattoo aftercare healing repairing gel adopt with natural ingredients, which is safe, non – toxic and harmless, and stimulation to body.
④ Moisturizing – Moisturizes intensely, gently cleanse and protect tattooed skin, extremely efficient skincare, safe and vegan formulation for you to use.

Function: Pure plant with gold foil
Specification: 5ml/bottle
Material: Plant extract
Use for: Repair scar skin after permanent makeup (microblading, lipblush, powderbrows etc … )
Colour: Clear with gold

Pack of 5

Sodium hyaluronate extract
The substance extracted from the cockscomb can effectively improve the physiological conditions of the skin. Sodium hyaluronate can effectively reduce the formation of free radicals and prevent free radicals from damaging cells.

Vitamin A, D
Promote growth, enhance fertility, scavenge free radicals, help metabolism, old dead skin cells, make skin clear and smooth

Natural plant extract
Rich in natural moisturizing factor NMF, vitamin B1, vitamin C, plant mucus, etc., it has the effect of promoting vitality,clearing heat and moisturizing.

Lavender essence
Containing BFGF repair factor and lavender essence, it can quickly promote wound healing and kill bacteria.

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20 in stock