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Disposable V Shape Glue Rings (50pcs)


2 IN 1 DESIGN: The V Shape Glue Rings not only can be a glue holder for eyelashes extension, but also easy to make fans because you can slide them in the gaps and make the base thin for your fans. Save your time and speed up your eyelashes extension application.

GREAT FOR EYELASHES EXTENSION: V shape glue rings have different sizes at the fanning cup edges, which can wipe extra glue for volume lashes and keep the roots bonded into one cluster. Deeper V grooves work for 6D-9D volume fans, and shallow one works for 3D-5D volumes.

EASY TO USE: Just dip eyelashes into the glue, put in a v-shaped base, eyelashes can be quickly shaped.

HIGH QUALITY: Made of PP material, non-toxic, odourless, tasteless, harmless to human. Safe to use

Great for use during the eyelash extension and tattoo application.

Quantity 50pcs

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Out of stock

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