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Pandora KBB Lash 0.07 — (16 Strips)


Pandora Lashes, Lash level up, which contain 3 lengths in one row, only one strip even can make a beautiful layer.

The grafting effect by camellia lashes looks like more open eye effect and natural, rather than classic lashes too stiff.

Contain 16 strips of luxury lash extensions.

Length printed across the entire strip to see quickly from any point.

Silver foil backing is easy to peel and leave no residual

Semi-Gloss finishes very soft to the touch

True deep back colour (no blue hue)

High-quality Korean PBT materials.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan

Hand made

True to the curl

Super easy to fan

Tip | placed on orange tape to provide contrast for ‘on the strip’ fan making.

Mix length:

8.9.10 x 1 rows

9.10.11 x 2 rows

10.11.12 x 3 rows

11.12.13 x 3 rows

12.113.14 x 3 rows

13.14.15 x 2 rows

14.15.16 x 2 rows

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C, D


8.9.10mm, 9.10.11mm, 10.11.12mm, 11.12.13mm, 12.13.14mm, 13.14.15mm, 14.15.16mm, Mix 8.9.10-14.15.16mm

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