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Tweezer Cleaner


Latest technology in cleaning tweezers

Gently and safely breaks down hardened glue on your tweezers

Works in seconds

Just place your tweezers into this special formula, squeeze tightly agains the sponge and rinse your tweezers with water and wipe dry

No more soaking your tweezers in acetone or picking off dry glue that can damage your tweezers

For use on tweezers only, never use on your clients lashes or near the eyes

Store at room temperature with the lid closed tightly

Assorted colours

We recommend replacing your Tweezer Cleanser every 4-6 weeks.

Note: This item is not intended to replace your usual sanitisation process.

Caution: Stored in a cool and dry place, stay out of the sun.

Keep lid tight after use to avoid product from evaporating and to ensure freshness.


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Clear Label, 3pcs Clear, Pink Label, 3pcs Pink

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